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Roll, Release & Relax Workshop, Singapore

  • Yoga In Common 22 Petain Road Singapore 208095 (map)

Feeling a little stiff from sitting for too long? General tightness from exercising? Feeling tense and stressed? Life can get in the way of a healthy, pain free body.

In this workshop, you will discover and explore where we tend to hold tension and tightness in our body and learn to use tennis balls to roll and release tense and sore muscles through self-massage techniques (self-myofascial release). Rolling is like a deep tissue massage to release tight, achy spots, where you have total control of the pressure and areas that require attention. This helps to alleviate tension, ease pain, increase flexibility and freedom in movement, and reduce sensations of stress. You will gain valuable yet simple self-care knowledge and techniques that you can use absolutely anytime and anywhere.

This workshop is perfect for everyone! It does not matter if you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or have never tried yoga. No yoga experience is necessary. If you know someone who will benefit from a little rolling in the deep, sign up together for a rolling good time!