Based in Singapore, Jeremy is a yoga teacher, mental well-being practitioner, space holder, and a devoted student of life. An advocate for refining the art of living, he is deeply passionate about health, healing, and happiness. Jeremy is grateful for the many lessons yoga has taught him about himself and the larger questions about living and existentialism. They have inspired tremendous change and growth in his life. Living by the mantra, “Life is not what happens to you, but what you do with this life,” he hopes to inspire others to be an active participant with life.

Before teaching yoga, Jeremy worked in the field of mental health. His elaborate relationship with the mental health and wellness community spans over the past 13 years, from practicing psychology clinically to lecturing and undertaking appointed consultancy work in the field. A firm believer that yoga teachers are at the front-line in modern society’s health and play a huge role in the community, his work has expanded to focus on enhancing well-being through the path of yoga. The ability to share his love for yoga has become one of the greatest gifts life has given him.


Jeremy’s greatest influences are his teachers and mentors. He has trained directly and extensively with some of the most inspiring international teachers, including Jason Crandell, Bo Srey, Jillian Pransky, Judith Lasater and Fuyuko Sawamura-Toyota, and continues to receive advanced training under their tutelage. Jeremy’s teaching is ever-evolving and reflects an amalgamation of the invaluable knowledge, tools and skills his mentors have provided him.

Jeremy’s purpose in yoga is to curate an experience that has a greater benefit for modern day living off the yoga mat. Informed by yogic wisdom, psychology, anatomy and kinesiology, Jeremy’s classes emphasise an introspective, holistic experience that engages the mind, heart, breath, body, and community through alignment principles. Focusing on two contemporary practices - Power & Alignment® and Resting Conversation® - his wish is for students to walk out of his class feeling they had a “work in,” feeling empowered to soften their edges and open their hearts so that they can navigate every moment of their lives with an underlying sense of inner peace and joy. This offering, towards greater love and self-awareness and a better relationship with oneself, is a journey he invites you on.