Power & Alignment

/ˈpaʊər ænd əˈlaɪnmənt/



An innate strength that comprises of mind, breath and body.


The capability to create a balanced relationship with the whole being.

Power & Alignment (P&A)

A hatha vinyasa yoga practice that draws from our innate strength to create a harmonious relationship with the whole being – mind, heart, breath, body, and community.

A synthesis of heart-opening yoga practices and psychological science, P&A goes beyond intelligent sequencing and yoga postural alignment and focuses on developing our well-being. Based on a curriculum approach, P&A incorporates a set of essential components, including an embodied practice through specific alignment principles. These components evoke a mindful and uplifting effect, guiding students towards a “work in.” Through repeated practice, the intention is for practitioners to feel empowered to navigate modern day living with an underlying sense of peace and joy.

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Power & Alignment is a very mindfully led class that is able to resonate with me from the inside, slowly becoming into a routine that guides and encourages me towards a much safer and stronger practice. I always leave the class feeling more grounded and revitalised.
— Shirley