“Jeremy's Resting Conversation presents a new thinking in restorative yoga. Resting Conversation marries the science and art of the practice so beautifully and purposefully. It's like all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle have fitted to form a complete work. Jeremy's ability to seamlessly weave in psychology into the practice makes it so refreshing. I left the workshop feeling more informed about prop hacks and how the use of language can make a huge difference to my students' experience.”


"Jeremy is a real mind shifter when it comes to postures and alignment. His knowledge about anatomy and yoga combined with the challenges our modern bodies are facing really requires some changes in the way we practice and teach yoga today. Jeremy has opened up my mind and gave me lots of inspiration to modify my own practice and the ones for my students. Make sure you visit one of his workshops or trainings."


"Power & Alignment is a very mindfully led class that is able to resonate with me from the inside, slowly becoming into a routine that guides and encourages me towards a much safer and stronger practice. Jeremy pays utmost attention to detail to each student's need and offers alternate, but thoughtful sequences to help students find growth at their own ease. The great synergy that Jeremy and Ryan create and share during their co-led classes is reflective on the close bonds and friendships that have formed within their students! I always leave the class feeling more grounded and revitalised. Thank you for helping me find refind space on the mat, as well as calm and compassion through practice."


“Jeremy is extremely people-oriented. In my first class with him, he made it a point to remember and addressed me by my name although we have never met before. During their co-led classes, he and Ryan work in synchrony. For example, Ryan would demonstrate a pose, guide us on how to do it and Jeremy would then add on more guidance in terms of technique. His knowledge to his students to help them develop, progress and have a deeper understanding of yoga is commendable. Jeremy inspires his students subtly and has the ability to connect with everyone. The energy and aura he exudes is key and I have always left his class feeling good. The classes with Jeremy have piqued my interest in the practice. I have now ‘followed’ Jeremy to another studio where he conducts more classes.”


“When you leave Jeremy’s Power & Alignment class, you feel that something has shifted. It is as though he has magically and elegantly reached your heart and soul with his art.”


“Power & Alignment was where I first attended Jeremy and Ryan’s class, and I was hooked. I love that they always provide a warm and positive environment for everyone to deepen their practice. They never fail to make an effort to know their students personally and guide them towards their own yoga goals. After a hiatus in my practice, I was very touched when Jeremy remembered me and commented on how my backbend had progressed. I would recommend Jeremy’s classes if you’re all about that yoga positivity! 20/10!”


“Jeremy is one of my favourite teachers! Right after I had attended his class for the first time, attending his class became my routine. His teaching style is not only technical but also mindful and graceful. His class is always different and unique. I enjoy the verbal instructional cues and his calm voice! I am glad that I found an amazing teacher like him in my yoga journey.”


“Jeremy and Ryan's Power & Alignment focuses on alignment principles against the background of a mindfully led class to assist students to feel good from within. I remember a class where ardha chandrasana was the peak pose, and Jeremy very skillfully prepared and guided students towards feeling the posture not only outside in but also inside out. Jeremy also uses skillful assists to help students like myself direct attention to areas of the body as the focus of engagement. My yoga journey has been very much enriched by Jeremy and Ryan, who teach each class with a clear intention and theme and are very observant to the needs of students of all levels.”


“Through his training and experience, Jeremy gives pertinent verbal cues to teach me ways to enter into poses and to engage the right muscle groups, which are important to prevent injury. His style of repetitive flow and emphasis on muscle engagement helps me build a strong foundation for stability, power and strength. Jeremy has a way to engage his students actively. His voice is like the Dolby surround sound system - "All around you". I can feel his presence through his voice and this forms a connection with him in class. This connection allows me to immerse deeply and able to stay strong throughout the class. In all, I benefitted greatly from his class and his methodology.”


“Jeremy is my very first instructor who made me realise the greatness of yoga. In my first class with him, I was already deeply impressed by the way he led us in the session. He left me with a brilliant impression of yoga, which was totally different from the one I had before. Most importantly, I learned how fun yoga could be. I left for home with a big smile on my face after the class. I still clearly remember how I felt then and won’t ever forget this. In his classes, I always learn something new and important as a yogi and my life on and off the mat. I can’t thank him enough for being an essential part of my life as a yoga practitioner.”


“I'm glad that Jeremy’s classes make me feel comfortable to do everything at my own pace without feeling intimidated and overwhelmed. Actually, when I first started out yoga I was going through a tough period and was having anxiety issues a few months ago and was hoping to improve my state of mind by learning yoga. And I'm so glad that I joined Jeremy’s class! His soothing voice managed to calm my mind and help me relax, even if it's for that short period of time at first – I really needed that mental rest/break. Gradually, my situation improved and I'm not so anxious anymore. He played a part in making it happen! I'm really lucky and grateful to have Jeremy and Ryan as my yoga teachers. Thank you so much! (:”

Yi Ying

“With a class name like Power & Alignment, it should not be a surprise that Jeremy & his co-teacher Ryan emphasise technique with clear, easy-to-follow instructions – so crucial for injury prevention. In calm dulcet tones, Jeremy is able to coax flexibility and refinement from stiff noobs like me! Every session is a thoroughly enjoyable mindful practice where you will feel challenged AND supported – love it!! And did I mention the music??? The music... :)”